Love and Revolution

Shots taken with a hand-held camera on the streets of Athens, Thessaloniki and Crete, accompa- nied by revolutionary songs – the film’s revolutionary tone is set with its opening images of demonstra- tors squaring up to police. The plot: a crisis that has lasted more than nine years, in a country that has been brought to its knees in its struggle to survive violence beyond words. The film describes the feel- ings of a population wounded by austerity. Their rage is depicted in tough images, all with a single goal: bearing witness to the brutality of the last nine years.
Director Yannis Youlountas present a moving, violent and no-holds-barred documentary. It bears testament to a dark era from which Greece has not yet recovered. Interspersed with interviews, its leitmotiv is one of solidarity. This film reminds how, ten years on, the country’s wounds are still festering. With tales of love and revolution, music and shocking images, it tells a fas- cinating story in which the Greek people are the protagonists.

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