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Work in the Digital Age Challenges of the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Work in the Digital Age brings together more than 50 world-leading experts and policy practitioners who address the implications of automation, stagnant productivity, and increasing levels of inequality within and between countries – and equip progressives with powerful tools to reshape the future of work for the benefit of society. Dramatic predictions of job losses have been made, such as in an Oxford University study which claims that 47 percent of total US employment is at risk due to computerisation. The book responds to a significant gap in the literature on the fourth industrial revolution. By analysing countries in terms of their digital density, Work in the Digital Age takes seriously the fact that countries are moving at different speeds when it comes to adopting, harnessing, and regulating digital technologies. The book provides case studies from more than 18 European countries as well as Canada, the US, and India, highlighting that there are no ‘onesize-fits-all’ solutions. Still, Progressive policymakers can learn from each other.

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