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Progressive Pod on last European elections

How should the results of these ninth European elections be measured? Did Brexit and Trump have an impact on voters? Will the new European Parliament extend its power? In this podcast interview with Sébastien Maillard, Director of Notre Europe – Jacques Delors Institute, Maillard explains that he has observed a kind of re-Europeanisation of the public sphere over the last several months. Does this mean social policies are back on the agenda? Talking with reference to Jacques Delors, Maillard reminds us that despite a strong commitment to social Europe, Delors has never pitted social policies against economic ones. Maillard also confesses that social policies do not belong to the S&D nor environmental ones to the Greens, and he calls on pro-Europeans to unite their expectations.

Note – This Progressive Pod is only offered in French

Copyright Photo – Alessia Campostrini

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