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Issue #15

Education, Covid-19, Home-schooling, women, migrants, capitalism, priorities, care, adult learners, children.

Issue #14

Multilateralism, United Nations, Salvador Allende, Capitalism, Roma Integration, Covid-19.

State of Populism in Europe 2020

Populism in Europe 2020 – ending a project of half a decade When the Foundation for European Progressive Studies (FEPS) launched the Populism Tracker project jointly with the Budapest-based Policy Solutions in 2015, we set out to gauge the impact of these changing trends, to present their insights about this phenomenon to the wider public, …

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Issue #13

Covid-19, Green Deal, Gender Equality, Health Mobility, Minimum Wages, European Republic

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Issue #12

This edition focuses on social, fiscal and climate justice. The right-Left cleavage is still alive ! Find also a Special Coverage on 2019 European Elections  – lessons to be learnt  And discover our debates on the main issues of our society    

The State of Populism in Europe 2018

“Based on our Populism Tracker database, at the end of 2018, 30.3% of European likely voters would have voted for a populist party, in other words, over a quarter of the electorate supports some populist formation. A year ago, in December 2017, this ratio was somewhat lower at only 26.5%. Therefore, one can definitely not speak about …

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Issue #11

This edition focuses on the digital revolution and Democracy. The term revolution evokes images of peoples’ uprisings against the powers that be. Find also a Special Coverage on #EP2019 And discover our debates on the main issues of our society    

Progressive Answers to Populism

 Hungarian version available here  Progressive Answers to Populism in France Although, the problem of rising populism is becoming a more and more researched topic – FEPS and Policy Solutions joint research programme called “Populism Tracker” being a testament to this –, there are very few if any serious analyses that offer an antidote to populism. …

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Populism Report Q3 2018

After the surge of European populists in the first half of 2018, the third quarter has been once again a blooming period for populist forces which seems to be worrying for the mainstream parties less than a year before the next European Elections. The rise of anti-establishment powers has mainly affected Eastern Europe, especially Latvia, …

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