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Issue #16

Social rights for platform workers, fiscal-rules reform and EU enlargement, as well as the challenges and opportunities for social democrats in the post-pandemic context, are the main topics of the latest Progressive Post magazine. After more than a year of the pandemic, we are in a crucial political moment: policy decisions made now will drive […]

Issue #15

One thing the Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted is that in a time of crisis, the most vulnerable are – yet again – the ones who take the biggest hit. That is why we have dedicated this first Progressive Post of 2021 to them: be they children, compelled to follow home-schooling, with all the difficulties and shortcomings this entails; […]

Issue #14

Multilateralism, United Nations, Salvador Allende, Capitalism, Roma Integration, Covid-19.

State of Populism in Europe 2020

Populism in Europe 2020 – ending a project of half a decade When the Foundation for European Progressive Studies (FEPS) launched the Populism Tracker project jointly with the Budapest-based Policy Solutions in 2015, we set out to gauge the impact of these changing trends, to present their insights about this phenomenon to the wider public, […]

Issue #13

Covid-19, Green Deal, Gender Equality, Health Mobility, Minimum Wages, European Republic

Issue #12

This edition focuses on social, fiscal and climate justice. The right-Left cleavage is still alive ! Find also a Special Coverage on 2019 European Elections  – lessons to be learnt  And discover our debates on the main issues of our society