Is Europe on the “Right” Path? — Right Wing Extremism and Right-Winh Populism in Europe

By: Nora Langenbacher

Released: 2011

Editor: Britta Schellenberg

Nb of pages: 348

Is Europe on the Right Path?

“Right-wing extremism is not a national phenomenon (…) (it) exist(s) in many countries and the extreme right is continuously extending its cross-border networks. Attitudes towards parts of society which are based on the premise that humans are unequal, discriminating actions and structures, or open hatred and violence reflect an alarming extent of group-related enmity in many countries of Europe and worldwide. (…)

This publication of the Project “Combating right-wing extremism” of the Friedrich- Ebert-Stiftung wishes to contribute to the socio-political debate on right-wing extremism as a threat to Europe’s democracies and societies. With this book, we would like to give constructive impetus for the fight against right- wing extremism, xenophobia , and racism, and for a Europe of democracy and solidarity. We of course hope that you will enjoy reading it.”

Nora Langenbacher