Issue #20

Hedwig Giusto
Editor-in-chief of the Progressive Post and FEPS Senior Research Fellow

The sequence of recent catastrophes has thrust new words into our vocabulary, ‘polycrisis’, for example, or even ‘permacrisis’. They have multiple origins, reinforce each other and cannot be tackled individually. But could these challenges also be opportunities for the European Union?

The Special Coverage of this new Progressive Post looks at the European Health Union – aiming to ensure the EU’s preparedness for future health emergencies. The Focus on multilateralism and international cooperation, investigates the faults of the current system, while looking at the EU’s role in them.

In the first Dossier on the State of the Union, we concentrate on that ever closer union envisaged by the Treaties of Rome and Maastricht, and on how to overcome the EU’s dysfunctional decision-making. And in the second dossier on Next Left,we spotlight viable political alternatives to the narrative imposed by the right.