Issue #21

Hedwig Giusto
Editor-in-chief of the Progressive Post and FEPS Senior Research Fellow

The debate around ‘feminist foreign policy’ is gaining traction. After Sweden set the example in 2014, the number of countries adopting ‘feminist foreign policy’ is slowly increasing. The concept’s contours’, however, are still blurred. That’s why the Progressive Post has set out to try to understand what happens When foreign policy meets feminism in this issue’s Special Coverage.

In the Focus Unbroken Ukraine: one year of war, we look mostly at the human cost of this war – and also invite the reader to think out of the box when it comes to devising the path to peace and reconstruction. In the first Dossier, Is the centre-right still ‘centre’?, we analyse what has traditionally been progressives’ main competitor, but which seems to increasingly pander to the far right. And in the Dossier Can work be compatible with well-being? we explore the difficulties, particularly for women, of finding a good work-life balance.