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Portugal’s presidency: to heal Europe

By László Andor / 7 January, 2021

If you hated Covid-19 in 2020, you will hate it more in 2021, under the Portuguese presidency of the EU Council. The mundane reason for this is that the period of presidency in the EU is not simply a time of pushing dossiers, dialogues and trilogues, but also one of […]

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Strong socialist victory in Portugal

By Maria João Rodrigues / 8 October, 2019

The Portuguese Socialists (PS), led by Antonio Costa, have achieved an outstanding victory giving them 106 of the Parliament’s 230 seats.

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Portugal’s left wing success story

By Pedro Nuno Santos / 15 December, 2017

Two years on, we can say that this left-wing government has passed all the tests.

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Portugal’s left wing coalition government is delivering stability and growth

By Ana Catarina Mendes / 23 November, 2017

Stability and growth : a clear victory of Portugal’s political alternative over the dominant negative outlook in the European Union

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Portugal’s left wing coalition shows the way forward for Progressives

By Maria Freitas / 23 November, 2017

Breaking away from austerity is feasible and progressive policies are conducive to economic growth.

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Portugal’s left-wing success story

By Pedro Nuno Santos / 23 November, 2017

It was therefore a historical and communication challenge that had to be surpassed in order to build bridges between all the left wing parties.

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