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‘Old’ rules and protections for the ‘new’ world of work

By Sacha Garben / 15 April, 2021

The labour status of people working in the online platform economy is key to their socio-economic protection. But it has proven a difficult issue for courts and regulators. The EU is considering introducing a ‘rebuttable presumption of employment’ to help address this problem. What could this entail exactly?  For some […]

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The independence movement against Europe

By Josep Borrell / 20 December, 2017

What kind of Europe does not support the secession of Catalonia?

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The Catalan labyrinth: is there a way out?

By José Félix Tezanos / 25 November, 2017

Since the Spanish Constitution, it had seemed that the “Catalan question” had been channelled into the form of an Autonomous Government

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