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Canada Elections

The Myth of a Progressive Trudeau

By Luke Savage / 13 November, 2019

It’s a rarity for Canada to receive attention from abroad, let alone the positively gushing kind that greeted the arrival of Justin Trudeau’s premiership in the late fall of 2015. So immediately rapturous was the new prime minister’s international reception that many people, both inside the country and out, came...

Canadian Voters Look Left to Solve to Affordability Concerns

By Katrina Miller / 10 November, 2019

Cost of living concerns loomed large in voters’ minds during Canada’s recent federal election, causing many progressives to loose sleep over whether the electorate would take a hard turn to the right.  Historically, economic angst has been fertile ground for a standard Conservative pitch – one that promises to end...

The New Democratic Party (NDP) and the Labour Movement in Canada

By Andrew Jackson / 5 November, 2019

A short history of the Canadian NDP and an opportunity to take inspiration of the relations between the party and the trade unions. Canada’s social democratic party, the NDP, was founded in 1961 as a formal partnership between its predecessor party, the CCF, and the Canadian Labour Congress or CLC,...

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A PODCAST with Rick Smith, Executive Director of the Broadbent Institute

By Olaf Bruns / 31 October, 2019

Olaf Bruns interviews Rick Smith, Executive Director of the Broadbent Institute, on the recent elections in Canada. 

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New Democratic Party (NDP) Loses Seats but Gains Influence as Liberals Lose Majority in Canadian Federal Election.

By Andrew Jackson / 23 October, 2019

Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s ruling Liberals were reduced to a minority government and just 33% of the popular vote on October 21, down from 39.5% in 2015. With 170 seats needed to form a majority, they will hold 157 seats, down from 184 in 2015. The Liberals lost seats...

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