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Adapting to climate change: a myriad of technical solutions

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As a municipality, it is our task to provide our inhabitants with a liveable environment. This includes climate adaptation – responding to changing climate conditions. In the Netherlands, as in other countries, we are dealing with increasingly severe rainfall. We want to reduce our vulnerability to this and take measures to limit potential damage. André… Read more »

Climate action: cities first!

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As a follow-up to  the previous Progressive Post edition, entitled “Progressive Cities vs Conservative States”, Editor-in-Chief Alain Bloëdt analyses with Júlia López Ventura C40’s Regional Director for Europe, a network of more than 90 of the world’s greatest cities, why cities are now substituting states in the fight against climate change.   The Progressive Post:… Read more »

EU leadership the best response to Trump climate challenge

With the United States planning to withdraw from the Paris Agreement, EU leadership on climate change has never been more necessary. This article examines the consequences of Donald Trump’s announcement, the European Union’s response and next steps to deliver the ambitious climate action that Europeans expect. President Trump’s announcement that the United States will withdraw… Read more »

Desires for a safer, cleaner world trump fear

The decision by Donald Trump on 1st June to pull the US out of the Paris climate agreement rocked world news. Global leaders quickly reacted with strong public messages and civil society was keen to show its disappointment. However it was something he had always said he would do during his campaign, so should we… Read more »