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Health, inequality and democracy in the light of the Corona crisis

By Gabor Scheiring / 23 April, 2020

Europe’s conservative elites need to realise that they have to safeguard democratic quality with at least the same vehemence with which they were willing to enforce austerity after 2008.

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Highway to Health?

By Agnieszka Januszczyk / 20 April, 2020

Freedom of movement, as it currently operates in the healthcare sector, undermines the EU’s social cohesion objectives.

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The coronavirus crisis exposes the systemic exploitation between the EU’s West and East

By Elena Zacharenko / 20 April, 2020

The coronavirus crisis starkly highlights the true value of care work, its gendered and regionalised nature, and the scarcity of its supply in an economy which fails to recognise these factors.

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Time to Abolish Dogma of Member State Competence!

By István Ujhelyi / 20 April, 2020

There is a need for a ‘European Minimum Healthcare Service’ which sets out the minimum service to be provided in each Member State.

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The reconstruction of the European economy after the Corona pandemic

By Gerhard Stahl / 12 April, 2020

Despite a first important step, EU governments should be more courageous and develop new EU financial instruments and new concepts.

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Trial and error in pandemic times

By László Andor / 7 April, 2020

Trial and error was also observed in the great financial crisis that devastated Europe a decade ago. As soon as the first signs of a public debt crisis emerged inside the Euro area, the parade of bad ideas began.

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Only a ‘New Deal’ can rescue the European project!

By Maria João Rodrigues / 7 April, 2020

This bold and ambitious EU plan must open a new era of coordination and solidarity in the history of European integration.

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Things must change so that nothing will stay the same

By Miguel Costa Matos / 1 April, 2020

After failing the promise of prosperity in the aftermath of 2008, failure to contain the virus or mitigate its social and economic impacts may broaden the populist far-right’s potential electorate.

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The corona-crisis: a momentum for progressive policies?

By Conny Reuter / 30 March, 2020

Will this crisis offer a momentum for the – non-nostalgic – revival of what is the essence of Social Democratic, Socialist and progressive policies?

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COVID-19 and the uncertain future of the transatlantic bond

By Nathalie Tocci / 26 March, 2020

COVID-19 consequences may well accelerate the dynamics if not tip outright the balance from one international order to another one.

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