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Economic and Monetary Union

Radically transforming the EU economy – and how to finance it

By Ann Pettifor / 4 September, 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic has revealed a simple truth: today’s model of globalised, financialised capitalism, teetering on a shaky foundation of vast debts and costly credit, cannot deliver human well-being. In order to reverse the course, a safe ecological load has to be fixed – a ‘Plimsoll line’, like the white […]

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Eurozone reforms must focus on institutions and their democratic legitimacy

By Leo Hoffmann-Axthelm / 14 February, 2018

Eurozone : The Commission’s proposals to deepen EMU have been described as a “power-grab”, but may restore balance to a field so far dominated by the largest EU countries.

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‘Dynamic Resilience’ needed in euro-area governance redesign

By Paolo Guerrieri / 13 February, 2018

The eurozone needs ‘dynamic resilience’, explains Paulo Guerrieri.

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A new approach to EU convergence

By Heikki Patomäki / 13 February, 2018

The euro crisis followed by Brexit have shattered the EU to the core. Heikki Patomäki sets out a new approach to economic and social convergence in the EU.

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Eurozone Future: Playing the ball back to the member states

By Björn Hacker / 24 July, 2017

The EU-Commission capitulating in the face of two divergent perspectives among the divided member states.

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