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All Bolsonaro’s Men.jpg

All Bolsonaro’s Men

By Filipe Vasconcelos Romao / 10 January, 2019

The election of Jair Bolsonaro is a product of the crisis and the perception of the population regarding corruption. However, its support base is heterogeneous and contradictory, which puts Brazil in even greater uncertainty.   Brazil is currently experiencing the most dramatic period of its three decades of democracy. The...

The future of the left in Brazil.pdf.jpg

The future of the left in Brazil

By Monica Valente / 9 January, 2019

The recent elections in Brazil took place against the background of a widespread anti-politics, anti-PT and anti-system feeling. In this particular context, Jair Bolsonaro manage to style himself as a anti-system maverik candidate – while he benefited at the same time form the support by such traditionally conservative institutions as...

Jair Bolsonaro, a challenge for the European Union.jpg

Jair Bolsonaro, a challenge for the European Union

By Elena Lazarou / 8 January, 2019

The election of Jair Bolsonaro as the next President of Brazil is the latest in a series of victories for right-wing populist candidates across the world. Like many of the leaders he is compared to, Bolsonaro based his campaign on security-driven nationalistic discourse combined with a rejection of the so...

Political party : Dealing with Overly Talkative Aeroplane Seatmates.jpg

Dealing with Overly Talkative Aeroplane Seatmates

By FEPS / 13 July, 2017

On June 7, the presidency of the strongest political party in Serbia that won absolute majority in 2016 parliamentary elections unanimously decided to support Mr. Aleksandar Vučić, former prime minister and newly elected president to propose his successor himself. This was more or less expected. Public, opposition parties and number...

The Party of European Socialists is a party of activists

By Ruairí Quinn / 22 March, 2017

The Party of European Socialists is a party of activists. This is one of our great strengths. The concept of a Europe-wide political party is not a new one. It’s been around since political union in Europe was itself just an idea. But, just as the European Union has developed...

Do we have to look back 10 years to discover the roots of PES activism in France?

By Aleksander Glogowski / 22 March, 2017

We could dig deeper, for example to the Brussels Congress of 2004 when Poul Nyrup Rasmussen was elected President of the Party of European Socialists (PES) and Philip Cordery took charge of the General Secretariat. The most symbolic and easily identifiable point, however, is definitively 9 May 2006. On that...

The gatekeepers of democracy

By Rhonda Donaghey / 22 February, 2017

As with any growing organization like PES activists, whilst we recognise it is not possible to homogenise our ideals into what one activist believes, we can say that we share not just a European sense of identity but crucially common values: there are Rubicons that cannot be crossed. This shared...