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Dutch elections 2021: no recovery of Social Democracy!

By Hans Keman / 23 March, 2021

All left-wing parties experience a dramatic loss of votes in the recent elections in the Netherlands. The Labour Party did not lose votes but remain at their all-time low. Short-term reasons explain in part the poor performance. But long-term factors explain why Social Democracy will remain in dire straits. In […]

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Last call for the Dutch Left?

By Klara Boonstra / 23 March, 2021

Last week’s elections in the Netherlands show a disastrous result for the three traditional left-wing parties. But defining themselves by emphasising their differences, steadily diminishes their common impact. There is a debate on uniting these three parties into one. A major intervention is certainly required, but a merger should not […]

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The Dutch 2021 elections: education as the new divide?

By André Krouwel / 23 March, 2021

On March 17, the Dutch went to the polls in the middle of the Covid pandemic and a faltering roll-out of the vaccination programme. In addition, the government had resigned shortly before the elections over a scandal of racial profiling of families claiming child support. Neither the scandal nor the […]

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Devastating defeat for Labour; where do we go from here?

By Klara Boonstra / 20 March, 2017

The results of the elections on 15th March show an unprecedented loss of 29 of the Labour Party’s previous 35 seats. What makes it worse, though, is that those seats, or rather the votes that provide them, for a large part did not go to other parties on the left. Although […]

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Elections in the Netherlands: How to unite the left and remain distinctive as social-democrats?

By Klara Boonstra / 2 March, 2017

How to unite the left and remain distinctive as social-democrats? On March 15th, the Netherlands will vote for the representatives in the Lower Chamber of Parliament. And, like in so many other countries in Europe and abroad, the dark grey cloud of right-wing politics and populism, and an emphasis on […]

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