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Time for Pay Transparency

By Esther Lynch / 6 March, 2020

Despite years of fighting for equality, women in the EU still earn considerably less than men. One of the reasons is gender pay secrecy. EC President von der Leyen promised to bring forward an initiative on pay transparency, which could be a real game changer. So far however, the results...

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Are we moving towards a working poor society?

By Philippe Van Parijs / 28 January, 2019

The technological revolution, a factor in the disappearance of jobs – this is an idea which is increasingly propounded, and yet Philippe Van Parijs is unconvinced. In an interview done by Alain Bloëdt, Editor-in-Chief of The Progressive Post, he explains the need for a universal income to go alongside this...

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A European system of minimum wages for equality-led development

By Ozlem Onaran / 9 July, 2018

A European system of minimum wages can help bring people out of poverty as well as contribute to equality, higher productivity and healthier public sector budgets.   Establishing a sufficiently high statutory minimum wage is one of the most effective policy tools to tackle the worrisome growth of in-work poverty....

labour We must introduce social considerations into the various economic policy mechanisms because social issues are not isolated from the economy.job

We must introduce social considerations into the various economic policy mechanisms

By Nicolas Schmit / 8 November, 2017

An interview with Nicolas Schmit, Luxembourg Minister of Labour, Employment and Social Economy by Alain Bloëdt, Editor-in-Chief of the Progressive Post on the State of Social in Europe. PP :  Are the new proposals from the Commission on Social Europe simply a recurring theme ever-present in European politics or do...

Change work to change society

By Marc Deluzet / 12 April, 2017

This article is based in the book from this author with the same name edited by FEPS and Fondation Jean Jaurès The crisis which currently affects western countries forms part of a metamorphosis that continues to upset the capitalist system with truly tragic consequences for the most deprived social groups...

Digital work and politics: What impact will "Work 4.0" have on the world of work and politics?

By Michael Rosecker / 30 March, 2017

View this text’s literature and sources here View this text in German here Inevitable consequences Digitisation is a fact. Its impact on the working world is often portrayed as an inescapable constraint to which labour markets, and thus workers, can or must just adapt on pain of social exclusion. The...

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