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Using the history of technological revolutions to understand the present and shape the future

By Carlota Perez / 17 February, 2021

The beginning of the year 2021 feels like a crossroads. We have now been through three major crises in the last 20 years, each worse than the last: the dotcom bubble of 2000, the Great Recession of 2008, and the global recession triggered by the Covid pandemic, bringing what might […]

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Is free transport enough ambitious ?.jpg

Is free transport ambitious enough?

By Maxime Huré / 17 June, 2019

Against the backdrop of the fight against climate change, ambitious new mobility and transport policies have begun to appear. Making public transport free is one of them. Interview by Alain Bloëdt with the Maxime Huré.

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Capital of free public transport, nation of free public transport.jpg

Free public transport capital – free public transport nation

By Allan Alaküla / 9 January, 2019

Tallinn did not invent the idea of  free public transport, but we learned extensively from the multiple working examples globally.

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Will the 2018 heatwave reignite the climate change debate?.jpg

Will the 2018 heatwave reignite the climate change debate?

By Jean Pascal van Ypersele / 28 October, 2018

Interview by Alain Bloëdt with Belgian physicist and climatologist Jean-Pascal van Ypersele on the role of EU in climate change.

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Climate action: cities first!.jpg

Climate action: cities first!

By Júlia López Ventura / 28 October, 2018

Interview by Alain Bloëdt with Júlia López Ventura about the role of cities in climate action.

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air quality woman with a mask

How the EU can lead on clean air and boost health, in Europe and worldwide

By Anne Stauffer / 23 October, 2018

Poor air quality is to blame for 24% of all adult deaths from heart disease and 25% of deaths from stroke.

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Air Pollution in Paris

The ongoing fight for clean air is above all a social issue

By Kathleen Van Brempt / 8 June, 2018

The Euro 5 and Euro 6 regulation for diesel cars have failed.

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air quality woman with a mask

Improving the air that we breathe

By Teresa Ribera / 8 June, 2018

It has become a high priority in politics and economics, a societal topic that deserves further engagement and adequate responses.

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What protection is there for ‘climate refugees’?

By Hocine Zeghbib / 5 February, 2018

Global warming and environmental degradation are leading to the forced relocation of millions of people, which we shall refer to as ‘climate refugees’.

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Europe must protect human rights outside its borders regarding ship recycling and other sectors

By Baskut Tuncak / 12 December, 2017

Ship recycling : Hazardous working conditions and the release of toxic materials are among the human rights abuses that have been reported.

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