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Why Facebook should be taxed and how to do it.Jpg

Why Facebook should be taxed and how to do it

By Paul Tang / 13 February, 2018

Large digital platforms are making billions of profits, while paying little or no corporate tax. They currently have a whole range of opportunities for tax avoidance, to the benefit of a few shareholders and at the expense of many taxpayers. Our recent estimates show that, in a period of three...

Germany and the euro – what’s next?

By Gustav Horn / 12 February, 2018

At first glance, the German economy appears to be in excellent condition. But a second look reveals hairline cracks in the economic structure, the economic and political consequences of which are as yet hard to predict. This is apparent not least from the emergence of nationalist-populist political ideas whose economic...

A progressive roadmap towards EU 2019 elections.jpg

A progressive roadmap towards EU 2019 elections

By Maria João Rodrigues / 2 February, 2018

Editorial from the January 2018 edition of The Progressive Post   This time things mights be different. The 2019 European elections are drawing ever closer, but, before they take place, a sequence of key, long awaited decisions might be taken and reshape the the face of the EU. The overlapping...

How should the EU deal with Gaza.Human.jpg

How should the EU deal with Gaza?

By Jacek Zakowski / 18 January, 2018

It is no overstatement to describe the current situation in the Gaza Strip as a serious humanitarian disaster. A recent report by the UN stated that Gaza will become unliveable by 2020. Rather than providing temporary remedies, the world should address the root cause of the humanitarian crisis in Gaza....

The independence movement against Europe.jpg

The independence movement against Europe

By Josep Borrell / 20 December, 2017

Mr. Puigdemont, former president of the Generalitat (Regional Government of Catalonia), having been effectively “exiled” in Brussels remains highly critical of European institutions and their leaders, asking rhetorically: “What kind of Europe does not support the secession of Catalonia?”   Indeed, the unilateral declaration of independence has not been recognised...

Re-thinking the EU’s approach to Israeli-Palestinian cross-conflict dialogue.jpg

Re-thinking the EU’s approach to Israeli-Palestinian cross-conflict dialogue

By Rosemary Hollis / 11 December, 2017

The current EU approach to resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is designed to build mutual understanding and trust at grassroots level. This sounds worthy but does not directly address the core problem of the occupation and only a change of perspective at leadership level can do that.   Resolving the Israeli-Palestinian...

Crisis : France’s continued pursuit of civil nuclear power is proving dangerous for Europe.jpg

France’s continued pursuit of civil nuclear power is proving dangerous for Europe

By Benjamin Dessus / 11 December, 2017

In Europe, where nuclear power capacity has been declining since the early 2000s (from 31% of total electricity produced in 2005 to 25% in 2015), France alone produces 53% (not including Britain in the calculations). While crucial for France given that 75% of its electricity supply comes from this sector,...

Brexit EU and UK citizens’ rights.jpg

Brexit: EU and UK citizens’ rights

By Jonathan Portes / 8 December, 2017

The British government has come up with proposals to safeguard the rights of UK citizens in EU countries and of EU citizens in the UK after Brexit. However, leading lights from the European Union have criticised the proposals for lacking clarity and have many concerns, including that they may lead...

This type of asymmetric warfare can only be settled by international pressure

By Elie Barnavi / 7 December, 2017

An interview by Alain Bloëdt, Editor-in-Chief of The Progressive Post with Elie Barnavi, historian, former Israeli Ambassador to France, a member of the Scientific Council at FEPS and one of the initiators of ‘Islam is also our history’, an exhibition that opened this autumn in Brussels, highlighting Muslim heritage in Europe. PP...

Three ideas of what Europe could do

By Daniel Kurtzer / 6 December, 2017

Europe has been involved in the Israeli-Palestinian peace process for over four decades. The EU is in the international Quarter along with the US, Russia and the UN, which has sought to implement the 2003 Roadmap for peace. Daniel Kurtzer, who served as US Ambassador to Israel and to Egypt,...

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