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Efficiency and equity Implications for a new pattern of European integration.jpg

Efficiency and equity: Implications for a new pattern of European integration

By Paolo Guerrieri / 4 July, 2017

Over the last few months the wind has positively changed in Europe. From the fear of an irreversible crisis in the face of the advance of populists, we have moved to a widespread perception that a European counter-offensive is on the way.   But more caution is needed on the...

Europe is not ready for electronic voting

By Harri Hursti / 1 June, 2017

When discussing electronic voting, it is very important that we look back on history. We should be very cautious when we introduce new technology and remember why laws have been established in certain ways. When it comes to electronic voting, the weak links are everywhere. I have been hacking every...

Germany’s social democrats

By Fedor Ruhose / 19 May, 2017

After Martin Schulz became leader of the Social Democratic Party (SPD) and was nominated as its candidate for the German chancellery, it looked like a political myth had finally been proved wrong. Up until the nomination of Schulz in Spring 2017, the narrative had prevailed that the Social Democratic Party...

Putting Citizens First: Attributing the 73 UK seats at the 2019 European elections

By Friedrich Pukelsheim / 19 May, 2017

Brexit, unfortunate as it is, may nevertheless give rise to some fortunate opportunities for the European project. In the 2014–2019 period, the United Kingdom held 73 seats in the European Parliament. The question is what to do with these seats in the upcoming 2019–2024 legislative period. Leave the 73 UK...

Theresa May is trying to pre-empt Brexit difficulties – it could backfire!

By Richard Corbett / 18 May, 2017

This blog originally appeared here  Theresa May has sprung an early election, breaking her earlier pledges not to, for three reasons: She knows the Brexit negotiations will very quickly cause her problems, as the unpalatable choices she has to make will alienate many voters and elements in her party –...

What future is there for the Republican Party and the Socialist Party?

By Chloé Morin / 16 May, 2017

The presidential election was the ultimate reward for Emmanuel Macron – the President of the Republic. He campaigned for this opportunity, an opportunity to preside over a reshaping of the political landscape. From this day forward, the political spectrum and the debate which surrounds it will be focused on one...

Party before country

By Jan Royall / 12 May, 2017

I am a passionate democrat but this election is completely unnecessary, a direct consequence of the depressing and disastrous result of the referendum on membership of the European Union, when David Cameron put party before country.   Once Theresa May became Prime Minister it became clear that, like David Cameron,...

Britain’s Brexit Election: Why now and what next?

By Stewart Wood / 9 May, 2017

When Theresa May called a snap general election in April, she took Britain by surprise. It shouldn’t have. Riding high in the polls and with her opponents in trouble, Theresa May wants a mandate for a tough Brexit negotiating position, and a majority in Parliament for her own domestic agenda....

A bowling alley election

By Émeric Brehier / 8 May, 2017

A great deal has already been said about this presidential election: a hold-up, an unforgettable election, a coconut-shy election, a populist election, a disaster for the so-called mainstream parties, the demonisation of the National Front … and many many more. In reality all of this can be said to be...

Youth Participation in EU Elections is Falling: Differences across Member States

By Doru Frantescu / 5 October, 2016

Data from the last European elections shows a sharp decrease in the turnout of young people voting. Even more worryingly, the gap between the participation of the oldest generation and the youngest one is widening. While an opposite trend can be observed in some of the Member States such as...

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