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European Defence Union

What should be done about the United Nations?

By Maria João Rodrigues / 21 September, 2020

The global health, climate and economic crises have led to a deterioration of the world order as we knew it. The gap between current global challenges and global governance is widening and weakening the multilateral system. A new, fair and inclusive multilateralism for the 21st century must be invented, write...

European defence: old wine in new bottles?

By Nick Witney / 13 February, 2018

Deeper defence cooperation within the EU via PESCO (permanent structured cooperation) was launched with great fanfare at the end of 2017. But the former head of the European Defence Agency takes a critical look at how much of an achievement it has been so far and some of the key...

PESCO A misunderstood tool for EU integration.jpg

PESCO: A misunderstood tool for EU integration?

By Nicoletta Pirozzi / 13 February, 2018

The key objective of Permanent Structured Cooperation (PESCO) is threefold: to facilitate and provide incentives for willing and able EU Member States to plan together, invest together and operate their forces together. Only if properly implemented can it be the way to make the EU a credible and unitary security...

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