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A European Social Pillar to shape a larger transformation

By Maria João Rodrigues / 26 January, 2021

An action plan is being prepared to implement the European Pillar of Social Rights. But this is also the time to take a long-term perspective, and to reflect on what should be the social dimension of the European project for the next phase. Let us first recall what kind of […]

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Europe’s democratic deficit is anthropolitical

By Pascal Lamy / 12 July, 2017

An Interview with Pascal Lamy by Alain Bloëdt, Editor-in-Chief of The Progressive Post, about the European Challenges and the European values.

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There are only anachronisms in today’s world

By Michel Serres / 11 July, 2017

An interview with Michel Serres about how the institutions generates “bubbles” in Europe and in the world.

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