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Fair Taxation

Europe Day in corona times: putting people over profit

By Luca Visentini / 8 May, 2020

Those who dream of a ‘return to normal’ are fooling themselves. There can be no ‘back to business as usual’

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More transparency rules, less tax avoidance

By Leyla Ates / 12 November, 2018

All EU countries will have access to a database on tax avoidance schemes.

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By Laurent Alexandre / 20 June, 2018

Laurent Alexandre talks about the delay in the European Union’s response.

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Why Facebook should be taxed and how to do it

By Paul Tang / 13 February, 2018

Large companies currently have a whole range of opportunities for tax avoidance, to the benefit of a few shareholders and at the expense of many taxpayers.

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Tax us if you can: big tech’s challenge to the state

By Richard Murphy / 13 February, 2018

Tech companies have simply not sent their cash back but have instead parked it in tax havens, and most notably Bermuda.

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How can we ensure that the internet giants pay their fair share of tax?

By Pervenche Berès / 9 February, 2018

The digital revolution, our policies need to evolve to deal with this new type of wealth creation.

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