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Finland Elections

Mr President and the Seven Dwarfs

By Mikko Majander / 30 January, 2018

Finnish elections : Sauli Niinistö secures a second term with a landslide victory   The election night was over before it actually started. When the polling stations closed on Sunday 28 January at 8pm, the figures of advance voting filled the Finnish TV screens showing that the current president Sauli...

Finnish Local Elections and the Health, Social Services and Regional Government Reform

By Markku Valtanen / 15 February, 2017

Finnish local elections take place in the spring in an atmosphere of uncertainty. Public health and social services as well as education are traditional themes of municipal elections. The elections are only two months away and due to government reform plans it remains unknown whether the municipalities will be responsible...

Three aspects could make Finland’s upcoming contest more interesting than usual

By Mikko Majander / 15 February, 2017

First, it has been almost two years since the last general elections of any form. The April elections will measure not just the local balance of power but the support the present centre-right government is enjoying among the electorate. The international trend has been that despite their sophisticated methods the...

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