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Rethinking economic reconstruction in Europe

By Lukas Hochscheidt / 23 June, 2020

Only a true paradigm shift can make Europe’s economies crisis-proof and address increasing wealth gaps. The European Union needs to turn away from restrictive fiscal rules, and expand its own resources as well as public investment. The famous board game Monopoly teaches children from the earliest age the driving principles...

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Social, fiscal and climate justice: the right-left cleavage is still alive!

By Maria João Rodrigues / 26 August, 2019

The European project can only have a future if it overcomes the status quo imposed by conservatives and neo-liberals and if it refuses to fall into the trap proposed by national-populists. Regaining control over our lives in a time of globalisation is only possible if we address social, fiscal and...

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Europe needs a coordinated mix of fiscal and wage policies

By Ozlem Onaran / 10 November, 2017

Austerity policies coupled with rising inequality in Europe have resulted in a long period of economic stagnation. To end the vicious circle of chronically low demand, a slowdown in investment and productivity and economic, social and political instability we need coordinated action to develop sound fiscal and wage policies in...

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Taxation: The key to European integration and Spanish cohabitation

By Juan Moscoso del Prado Hernández / 3 June, 2017

The process of European integration is clearly undergoing a difficult phase. Numerous proposals have been put forward on how to overcome this difficulty, ranging from Brexit’s renationalisation of politics and return to an intergovernmental focus in the European Union to a push for federalism that demands new treaties and profound...

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