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What future is there for the Republican Party and the Socialist Party?

The presidential election was the ultimate reward for Emmanuel Macron – the President of the Republic. He campaigned for this opportunity, an opportunity to preside over a reshaping of the political landscape. From this day forward, the political spectrum and the debate which surrounds it will be focused on one question; can the Socialist Party […]

The difficulties encountered when politics is over-simplified

It is understandable how academic commentary has been stimulated over recent months but in the aftermath of the Forward! (En Marche!) political victory it is important to remember the fundamental points. The use ‘populism’ as a catch-all phrase to characterise the positions of both Marine Le Pen, Jean-Luc Mélenchon and, to a lesser extent Emmanuel […]

The project of Marine Le Pen will lead to benefits for the better off

Although stigmatisation of foreigners has been the mainspring of the National Front since its foundation, the far-right party is now trying to present itself as “the voice of the people” and defender of the weak by investing in economic and social issues. The inability of successive governments to provide convincing answers to rising inequalities, lack […]

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