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A new approach to EU convergence

Download the pdf in English here Téléchargez le pdf en français ici The trend for economic and social convergence between EU countries in the early years of the euro turned out to be short lived. The absence of euro area growth from 2010 to 2017 resulted in greater rather than smaller divergences in economic and… Read more »

European defence: old wine in new bottles?

Download the pdf in English here Téléchargez le pdf en français ici Deeper defence cooperation within the EU via PESCO (permanent structured cooperation) was launched with great fanfare at the end of 2017. But the former head of the European Defence Agency takes a critical look at how much of an achievement it has been… Read more »

PESCO: A misunderstood tool for EU integration?

Download the pdf in English here Téléchargez le pdf en français ici The key objective of Permanent Structured Cooperation (PESCO) is threefold: to facilitate and provide incentives for willing and able EU Member States to plan together, invest together and operate their forces together. Only if properly implemented can it be the way to make… Read more »

PESCO unlikely to deliver much in the short term

Download the pdf in English here Téléchargez le pdf en français ici PESCO, or permanent structured co-operation, is a political framework that aims to help EU countries develop military capabilities together and improve their ability to deploy them. Hailed as a political success, its contribution to EU operational readiness and capability deployment is likely to… Read more »

European Social Democracy must re-invent itself

Social democratic parties find themselves in a deep crisis, losing ground in setting the political agenda and organisational power, reaching an existence-threatening extent. Was the year 2000 really the end of the social democratic century just like the liberal German-British sociologist Ralf Dahrendorf predicted in his essay in 1987? Yet the situation has not been… Read more »

Protecting Europe, Permanently? The Future of EU Defence

‘The purpose, even existence, of our Union is being questioned’ – this opening line from the June 2016 EU Global Strategy has initiated reflection and action on EU defence to meet the triple task of dealing with international crises, helping partners and protecting Europe. The past 12 months have seen more activity on EU defence… Read more »

The time has PESCOme

Historic. The unthinkable made possible. A landmark. Against a backdrop of rising and diversifying security threats, as well as a spectrum of international political uncertainty that have placed security and defence at the forefront of the European policy agenda, the recent announcements surrounding the EU’s Permanent Structured Cooperation (PESCO) have been met with much praise… Read more »

Eurozone Future: Playing the ball back to the member states


The latest push to revive Eurozone reform efforts shows an EU-Commission capitulating in the face of two divergent perspectives among the divided member states. It is doubtful if adherents of a stability union or a fiscal union approach will find common ground this time. The European Commission’s recent reflection paper on deepening the Economic and… Read more »

The wind of anti-Europeanism is weakening


Is the wind of anti-Europeanism really weakening? Looking at the results of the past months and days, the answer is definitely yes. Voters faced a clear choice between pro-European candidates and Eurosceptics and finally opted for the former with greater or lesser enthusiasm. A gallery of election results For the second consecutive time in Austria,… Read more »