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Artificial Intelligence and social rights: a first assessment

By Brando Benifei / 28 April, 2021

The EC’s recent proposal for AI regulation is the first of its kind in the world. It is an excellent base to shape a domain that opens enormous opportunities. But the door for abuses and wide interpretation by some member states, as well as by illiberal regimes worldwide, is not […]

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“Citizens need to organise against the social media regime”

By Vincent Mosco / 12 August, 2019

Citizens’ mobilisation and other alternatives to the powerful system of surveillance capitalism that Big Tech and governments have created.

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Resisting surveillance

By Shoshana Zuboff / 7 June, 2019

Surveillance Capitalism uses our data for generating revenues – but without our knowledge or control.

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What do we want from technology?

By Justin Nogarede / 3 December, 2018

Technologies are developed with a goal in mind, they embody certain values, and favour certain uses.

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