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Lithuania after the elections: a perspective for women’s rights

By Emilija Svobaite / 30 October, 2020

The recent elections in Lithuania brought the country a conservative-liberal government coalition with a female prime minister and female leaders of all three coalition parties. However, the question remains as to whether women in power equals a sincere fight for women’s rights – especially when the most progressive party on […]

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Women’s and LGBTQ+ rights: authoritarian’s ugly face revealed during Covid19

By Caroline Hickson / 3 June, 2020

Europeans need to fight two viruses, simultaneously and equally vehemently: the new coronavirus, and the political virus which is attacking our fundamental rights and our democracies.

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Does Europe care about care?

By Barbara Helfferich / 8 May, 2020

The EU’s new gender strategy finally puts care work more solidly at the centre of our economic activity

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Gender pay gap: The venom is in the tail(s)

By Janna Besamusca / 6 March, 2020

To address all cross-cutting pay inequalities,the Gender Equality Strategy should focus on decent wage floors, working time, the predictability of working time, and public procurement.

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Time for Pay Transparency

By Esther Lynch / 6 March, 2020

A Gender Pay Transparency Directive could be a game changer that pushes forward to achieve pay equality.

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“We are calling for a new and ambitious strategy for women’s rights and gender equality in Europe”

By Maria Noichl / 4 March, 2020

Interview with Maria Noichl, SPD MEP and rapporteur in the European Parliament for the Gender Equality Strategy

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Did sexuality education become instrumentalised in Polish politics?

By Anna Pacześniak / 25 November, 2019

To win Polish presidential elections in May 2020, starting an ideological war on education is not beneficial. PiS faces a dilemma.

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Jail sentence for talking about sex in Poland

By Anka Grzywacz / 25 November, 2019

How Poland is further drifting the ultraconservative way with its draft law on the criminalisation of sexuality education without support of the majority of the population

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13 facts you need to know about gender inequality in the EU.jpg

13 facts you need to know about gender inequality in the EU

By FEPS / 10 July, 2019

Women constitute half the population. Find the survey about her position in society.

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Social Democrats will leave nobody behind in the transition to a more sustainable world.jpg

A sustainable world: we Social Democrats will leave nobody behind!

By Frans Timmermans / 27 May, 2019

Social-Democrats need to make social sustainability a reality – and get people on board for environmental and economic sustainability.

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