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The Polish left and the Poland’s women’s fight for survival

Black protests : The Polish left and the Poland’s women’s fight for survival.jpg

Polish women are literally fighting for their lives. The present women’s movement in Poland, illustrated by the Black Protests, represents a challenge to the right-wing government and anti-gender groups who mobilise against policies of equality, women’s reproductive rights and anti-discrimination. It is also an opportunity for the Left to come back to a social debate… Read more »



On 25 May 2018, when Irish voters flocked to support the repeal of the 8th Amendment to the constitution, the women of Ireland won reproductive rights that had been taken from them three decades prior. They also provided inspiration to women fighting for their rights all around the world. Reproductive health rights are often considered… Read more »

Illiberal Gender Politics in Central Europe

Illiberal Gender Politics in Central Europe.jpg

The ban on Gender Studies reminds us that a gender analysis is crucial to understand the Central European regime transformations. Illiberal governments challenge the liberal equality paradigm and infrastructure while at the same time introducing policies that benefit many women, forcing us to rethink illiberal gender politics outside of the simplistic backlash framework.   In… Read more »

Gender as a symbolic glue makes European freedom of education at stake

Gender as a symbolic glue makes European freedom of education at stake.jpg

  During the last summer, the Hungarian government proposed to ban gender studies at universities. The position and role of conservative and far-right parties in the anti-gender mobilizations in Europe is not anymore a surprise. But this state intervention in university programmes shows that the concept of ‘gender’ become a central rhetorical tool of those… Read more »

Lessons from history: Female activists in south eastern Europe

Women's movment : lessons from history.jpg

Today’s Europe has an incredibly rich and diverse but poorly explored history of women’s movements. The progressive nature of Scandinavian countries in this regard is widely known and their experience has been an inspiration for women’s movements all over the globe. But what about female activists in south eastern Europe, especially the ones from the… Read more »

#MeToo: From social campaign to social change?

#MeToo: From social campaign to social change? .jpg

‘Me Too’: These are the two words responsible for the shockwave that has reverberated around the world for the past few months. The ‘silence breakers’ – women who spoke out about abuse, assault and rape – were even named as the “person of the year” for 2017 by Time magazine. It could be argued that… Read more »