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Health Inequalities

How can we find a balance between free movement and shortages in the healthcare workforce in the EU?

By Vytenis Andriukaitis / 7 April, 2021

In all European nations, life and health are one of the most important pillars of well-being. Indeed, health is the cultural backbone of our civilisation. Despite being cautious about a high tax burden, EU citizens want more health services of higher quality and they agree that higher health bills should […]

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Highway to Health?

By Agnieszka Januszczyk / 20 April, 2020

Freedom of movement, as it currently operates in the healthcare sector, undermines the EU’s social cohesion objectives.

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The coronavirus crisis exposes the systemic exploitation between the EU’s West and East

By Elena Zacharenko / 20 April, 2020

The coronavirus crisis starkly highlights the true value of care work, its gendered and regionalised nature, and the scarcity of its supply in an economy which fails to recognise these factors.

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Time to Abolish Dogma of Member State Competence!

By István Ujhelyi / 20 April, 2020

There is a need for a ‘European Minimum Healthcare Service’ which sets out the minimum service to be provided in each Member State.

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Health in Europe: reducing inequalities.jpg

Health in Europe: reducing inequalities

By Vytenis Andriukaitis / 2 July, 2019

In a world with so much wealth, how is it possible that so many people have little or no access to healthcare?

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