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Hegemonic right and defeated left: lessons from Hungary’s drift to authoritarianism

Viktor Orbán’s landslide third consecutive victory in parliamentary elections bears witness to the true hegemony of his nationalistic, xenophobic and illiberal project. To defeat him, his critics must engage in a long-term forward-looking struggle over hegemony in civil society, the economy and the state. On April 8, 2018 Viktor Orbán’s Fidesz party secured its third… Read more »

What makes Orbán win

Viktor Orbán, Hungary’s prime minister won a third consecutive term on 8 April and his Fidesz party regained its super-majority in parliament. The success of his anti-migration platform, the lack of a level playing field in the campaign, and the fragmentation of the opposition all contributed to another landslide victory for Fidesz. Orbán decided to fight the… Read more »

The Purgatory of Socialists in Hungary

Support for the Hungarian Socialist Party collapsed before the 2010 election and the subsequent split made it harder to recover. Instead of a come-back, the 2018 election ended with further weakening. New leaders of the Centre Left have to address key questions about the programme, its personnel, organisation as well as outlook in the next… Read more »

Freedom, precious freedom …

A few days spent in Hungary as part of a cultural visit with the European Committee of the Regions, and it does not take long to realise that some of the country’s local authorities are “washing whiter than white” … I knew that this country’s top dog and I were light years apart both politically… Read more »