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European Parliament calls for a fairer and centralised Dublin system

By Elly Schlein / 14 February, 2018

The Dublin system has clearly failed, leaving most of the responsibilities for asylum to the frontline Member States of the EU. The time has come to reform it according to the principles of solidarity and equal sharing of responsibilities. The European Parliament has voted with a large majority to put...

Reopening the channels of legal economic migration

By Giuliano Amato / 9 February, 2018

We cannot fight illegal immigration on the assumption that only political refugees are admissible, while all economic migrants are, as such, irregular. The main antidote to illegal immigration is to restore legal migration on the basis of our labour markets’ demand and consequently activate the main vehicle of integration, a...

Lessons to learn from what has worked and what has failed

By Gerald Knaus / 15 December, 2017

The EU needs a humane policy on asylum and borders that can obtain majority support in elections and produce an immediate impact in the Mediterranean. To get there it needs to learn from what has worked and what has failed, and apply it in Greece and Italy.   The state...

Curbing migration from Libya: are the EU and Italy heading in the right direction?

By Giulia Laganà / 14 December, 2017

“Italy is saving Europe’s honour in the Mediterranean,” declared European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker at his annual State of the Union address in mid-September. In addition to its long-standing efforts to rescue migrants at sea, the Italian government had also succeeded – with EU support – in bringing migrant crossings...

Europeans Not Wanted in Britain – The Ugly Side of Brexit

By Denis MacShane / 8 December, 2017

While most focus in the UK-EU Brexit negotiations has been on the money that the UK has to pay in order to meet all its obligations as part of the divorce, there is still no clarity on the rights of European Union citizens to live, work, marry, form partnerships, bring up...

Nothing is agreed until everything is lost? European citizens in Brexit negotiations

By Kuba Jablonowski / 8 June, 2017

Formal negotiations on Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union are yet to begin. However, from the perspective of EU citizens living in the country, Brexit has already started. Recently published data shows that last year’s net immigration fell sharply since, right after the vote to leave, EU citizens started leaving...

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