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No reason for AI and GAFAM to escape democratic oversight.jpg

No reason for AI and GAFAM to escape democratic oversight

By Paul Nemitz / 18 May, 2019

How to shape technology so that it strengthens democracy, rather than weakening it?

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What do we want from technology?.jpg

What do we want from technology?

By Justin Nogarede / 3 December, 2018

Technologies are developed with a goal in mind, they embody certain values, and favour certain uses.

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By Laurent Alexandre / 20 June, 2018

Laurent Alexandre talks about the delay in the European Union’s response.

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European digital market and creative industries: has the right strategy been chosen?

By Hervé Rony / 22 December, 2017

The European Commission has made the creation of a digital market one of its highest priorities.

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Implications of the EU’s declarations relating to cyber security and access to the Digital Single Market

By Mark Skilton / 22 December, 2017

There are several challenges that need to be faced in order to achieve the goal of a Digital Single Market in the EU

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The internet and the second era of democracy

By Don Tapscott / 12 January, 2017

To restore legitimacy and trust we need a second era of democracy.

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The realities of digital democracy

By Kenneth Hacker / 20 May, 2016

A cyber-realist perspective regarding how Internet-based communication technologies affect democracy, views empirical data as supporting promising potentiality and actuality for using ICT to enhance democratic communication.

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