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Urban development in Allende’s Chile: going up!

By Genaro Cuadros Ibáñez / 3 September, 2020

At the time of Salvador Allende’s election victory on 4 September 1970, Chile was experiencing accelerated urbanisation that was deeply unequal. Confronting the housing deficit, and providing access to urban services and facilities would be one of the challenges of Allende’s Popular government. With creativity and involvement of the people,...

Salvador Allende: his ethical, social and democratic legacy

By Marcela Ahumada / 31 August, 2020

On 4 September 1970, fifty years ago, the socialist doctor Salvador Allende won the elections and became President of the Republic of Chile. In the middle of the cold war, for the first time in Latin America, a socialist came to power through elections, democratically and in freedom. Salvador Allende...

Beyond Europe: Youth, Latin America, and Progressive Thought

By Ricardo Lagos / 5 October, 2016

Why do the youth of today feel so distanced from the stances of the progressive world?   One answer could be that the technology they use is changing their expression. The youth of today choose to be informed by various social networks, such as Twitter and Facebook to instantly communicate...

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