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Stabilitocracy is not democracy

By Miloš Đajić / 14 July, 2017

All this is a confirmation that no one in the EU is bothered with the country’s return of autocracy.

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EU leadership the best response to Trump climate challenge

By Stephen Minas / 14 July, 2017

The United States is the world’s second-largest emitter of greenhouse gases.

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Desires for a safer, cleaner world trump fear

By Charlotte Billingham / 13 July, 2017

What really are the effects of latest Trump announcement and what will it actually change?

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Serbian Elections: Victory of Regional (In)stability

By Nikola Burazer / 13 July, 2017

The question of how will Vučić react to increasing pressure at home remains open.

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Reflection on Serbia-EU relations

By Francesco Martino / 13 July, 2017

The election of the new Serbian president was almost unanimosly greeted in Brussels.

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Dealing with Overly Talkative Aeroplane Seatmates

By FEPS / 13 July, 2017

Serbian political scene needs “ideologisation” rather than “unification”.

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Can the next European elections actually be about choosing alternative scenarios?

By Robert Ladrech / 4 July, 2017

The short answer is ‘yes’ but this requires a fundamental shift in terms of the alignment of national policies and politics with EU policy competences. At present, in most EU Member States, European elections are considered by the mainstream parties of the centre-left and centre-right as the ‘poor cousin’ of […]

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The Great Call of China

By Vassilis Ntousas / 6 June, 2017

A grand project that aims to weave much of Asia, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East

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Usefulness, Equality, Transformation: The Three Conditions for Inclusive Leadership

By Laura Slimani / 5 October, 2016

Is organising primaries enough to make a political formation inclusive?

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Millennials want leaders who do politics differently

By Emma Murphy / 30 September, 2016

Millennials have no problem with political participation; they just do it in different ways and in different places from their parents.

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