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War in Libya: the battle for Tripoli and Europe’s responsibility

By Vassilis Ntousas / 17 April, 2019

General Khalifa Haftar’s push to seize Tripoli by force brings Libya to the brink of war again. The EU needs to get its act together and use its undeniable leverage in the country to prevent a full-blown war and set the bases for a peaceful resolution of the conflict. Since […]

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From the frying pan into the fire. Migration: after Turkey, the EU turns to Libya

By Hedwig Giusto / 6 February, 2017

About one year ago, the attention of the EU focused, as far as the migration crisis was concerned, on the Eastern Mediterranean route, and in particular on Turkey and Greece, respectively the main country of boarding and landing for the huge flows of refugees that were fleeing chiefly from a […]

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