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What do whistleblowers tell us about the state of democracy?

By Nicole-Marie Meyer / 13 February, 2018

After a 20-year struggle of civil society organisations, political will is now changing within the European Union

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"I know very few whistleblowers who regret their actions and that’s the case with me."

By Antoine Deltour / 24 January, 2018

An interview by Alain Bloëdt with Antoine Deltour, one of the two whistleblowers who caused the “LuxLeaks” scandal

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Fighting fake news should be a priority as it poses an existential threat to the EU

By Paolo Celot / 18 December, 2017

Interview by Alain Bloëdt with Paolo Cela on how media literacy can help the public identify it and on what EU governments should be doing about it .

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How will Germany’s new law combat fake news and hate crime?

By Heiko Maas / 18 December, 2017

How will Germany’s new law combat fake news and hate crime?

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Upgrading Democracy: The danger of privatisation

By Gunnar Grímsson / 1 June, 2017

Our democracy has not kept up with recent changes and, although it should not adapt too drastically or too rapidly,

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The freedom of the media and the suspension of the Hungary’s largest independent newspaper

By Katalin Halmai / 14 December, 2016

On October 8th, Népszabadság, the most popular national daily broadsheet of Hungary, ceased to exist. What happened? Was it a cold-blooded murder executed by the owner-publisher under political pressure? Or was it a cool-headed business decision? On October 8th the parent company of Népszabadság, called Mediaworks, announced the suspension of […]

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