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#MeToo, the women’s revolution in need of progressive male ‘knights’s to transform the world

By isabella lenarduzzi / 7 August, 2018

Yet who are the real victims? Indecent men, predators, rapists or the women they attacked ?

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#Me Too: From social campaign to social change?.jpg

#MeToo: From social campaign to social change?

By Laeticia Thissen / 23 July, 2018

‘Me Too’: These are the two words responsible for the shockwave that has reverberated around the world for the past few months.

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Progressivism is the best way to be a feminist. Feminism is the best way to be a Progressive!

By Isabelle Lenarduzzi / 5 July, 2017

Protecting women’s rights is the way to begin to protect essential liberties for everybody.

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