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Refugee policy: For humanity, against hypocrisy

By Gesine Schwan / 9 March, 2017

The Federal Government is glossing over the deterrence and deportations with weasel words about humanity. What is needed instead is a sustainable refugee policy in the interests of human rights – and in our own. On 25 September 2015, the United Nations adopted the 17 sustainability targets on which future...

From the frying pan into the fire. Migration: after Turkey, the EU turns to Libya

By Hedwig Giusto / 6 February, 2017

About one year ago, the attention of the EU focused, as far as the migration crisis was concerned, on the Eastern Mediterranean route, and in particular on Turkey and Greece, respectively the main country of boarding and landing for the huge flows of refugees that were fleeing chiefly from a...

Girls in migration, why is Europe silent?

By Anna Zobnina / 21 December, 2016

On 1 December the United Nations Population Fund released its 2016 State of the World Population report. The report’s focus is on the well-being of 10-year-old girls as an indicator of development success or failure. The choice of this indicator is not accidental: The Girl Child was one of the...

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