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If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it

By Laust Høgedahl / 19 May, 2020

Even though the intentions from the EU Commission for a European Minimum Wageare noble and well-intentioned, the consequences for the Nordic labour market models can be far-reaching. Based on past experiences, the opposition is therefore well-founded. I am the proud owner of an old Swedish sailboat with an equally old Swedish...

The EU minimum wage initiative in times of COVID-19 crisis

By Sacha Garben / 8 May, 2020

A few months ago, the new European Commission boldly announced its plans to deliver an EU minimum wage legal measure within its first 100 days in office. The COVID-19 crisis is likely to affect not only the schedule of this high-profile initiative, but the very political appetite for it. Yet,...

Squaring the circle with an EU action on minimum wages is more urgent than ever

By Amandine Crespy / 6 May, 2020

In January 2020, the European Commission launched a formal consultation of social partners in view of proposing an EU “framework” ensuring “fair minimum wages” across the EU. The proposal instantly triggered vivid protest, notably from Scandinavian unions. While no one can underestimate the difficulties involved the conception of a legitimate and...

EU minimum wage – why now?

By László Andor / 7 February, 2020

Ten years after the launch of the Europe 2020 strategy, we can observe that poverty has not been substantially reduced, but on the other hand, inequality has been on the rise in many EU Member States. The lack of adequate minimum wage increases, or coverage, is part of the problem....

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