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A European system of minimum wages for equality-led development

A European system of minimum wages can help bring people out of poverty as well as contribute to equality, higher productivity and healthier public sector budgets. Establishing a sufficiently high statutory minimum wage is one of the most effective policy tools to tackle the worrisome growth of in-work poverty. Evidence shows that robust minimum wages… Read more »

A way forward for minimum wages in the EU

Setting minimum wages is a way to head off the ongoing threat of economic, tax and social dumping within the European Union. Guillaume Balas sets out some of the options that policymakers should take on board. The European Union continues to face major economic and social challenges which have not been tackled since the establishment… Read more »

The benefits of having a statutory minimum wage

In an interview with the Progressive Post, economist Rémi Bazillier explains what he sees as the advantages of having a statutory minimum wage as well as the arguments against the minimum wage and argues that every EU country should have a minimum wage. Progressive Post: Why is it a good idea to have a statutory… Read more »