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Things must change so that nothing will stay the same

By Miguel Costa Matos / 1 April, 2020

We are truly facing a crisis of overwhelming proportions. The pandemic is costing thousands of lives across the globe and meanwhile the need to keep social distancing is not only reshaping our way of life as a society, but forcefully tanking entire sectors of economic activity and with it the...

The corona-crisis: a momentum for progressive policies?

By Conny Reuter / 30 March, 2020

To the daily horror of statistics on the infection, on death tolls and exponential developments, the answers that governments try to give at national level, the support packages for jobs and the economy shall not be the only political response. Progressives in governmental responsibility certainly need to act on the...

COVID-19 and the Old Consensus

By Paolo Pasimeni / 24 March, 2020

For all too long, the almost unchallenged consensus about macroeconomic policies was that monetary policy was only for short-term stabilisation and fiscal policy only for balancing budgets. Even the Centre Left had subscribed to this idea. On social standards, a race to the bottom followed, with decreasing investments in health...

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