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Oslo agreements

The unbearable gravity of waiting

By Vassilis Ntousas / 7 December, 2017

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has spanned decades but is any progress being made towards the much sought after two-state solution?

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Two states remains the only realistic solution for Israeli-Palestinian peace

By Fernando Gentilini / 7 December, 2017

Is the two-state solution still a relevant blueprint? EU Special Representative Gentilini argues that there is no realistic alternative.

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Europe must face the new realities of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

By Pierre Vimont / 6 December, 2017

Peace Process : There has been a marked lack of progress in the Middle East in recent times, with Europeans struggling to make themselves heard.

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Europe’s Israel-Palestinian Policy in the Trump era

By Lara Friedman / 6 December, 2017

Fifty years after the start of the Occupation and twenty-four years after Oslo, the historical record suggests that this American leadership has been a failure.

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