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Strengthening the EU’s role in the UN Security Council today

By Nico Schrijver / 8 September, 2020

One of the hallmarks of the EU’s Common Foreign and Security Policy is constructive and effective multilateralism. The United Nations serves as one of the principal platforms of EU foreign policy, including the protection of the EU’s values, fundamental interests, security, independence, and integrity. The EU’s performance, visibility and effectiveness […]

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EU Support for the US Peace Plan Must be Based on Parameters

By Hugh Lovatt / 28 October, 2018

The Trump administration may not have yet formally unveiled its peace plan, but it is already moving to reshape the traditional realities.

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Two states remains the only realistic solution for Israeli-Palestinian peace

By Fernando Gentilini / 7 December, 2017

Is the two-state solution still a relevant blueprint? EU Special Representative Gentilini argues that there is no realistic alternative.

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Europe must face the new realities of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

By Pierre Vimont / 6 December, 2017

Peace Process : There has been a marked lack of progress in the Middle East in recent times, with Europeans struggling to make themselves heard.

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Europe’s Israel-Palestinian Policy in the Trump era

By Lara Friedman / 6 December, 2017

Fifty years after the start of the Occupation and twenty-four years after Oslo, the historical record suggests that this American leadership has been a failure.

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Three ideas of what Europe could do

By Daniel Kurtzer / 6 December, 2017

Europe has been involved in the Israeli-Palestinian peace process for over four decades.

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