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War in Libya: the battle for Tripoli and Europe’s responsibility.jpg

War in Libya: the battle for Tripoli and Europe’s responsibility

By Vassilis Ntousas / 17 April, 2019

General Khalifa Haftar’s push to seize Tripoli by force brings Libya to the brink of war again. The EU needs to get its act together and use its undeniable leverage in the country to prevent a full-blown war and set the bases for a peaceful resolution of the conflict. Since...

A Single Market for many Labour Markets.jpg

A Single Market for many Labour Markets

By Jan Cremers / 30 October, 2018

The European Commission plans to set up a European Labour Authority (ELA) to ensure and control social standards for those who work in another Member State. Jan Cremers, however, says it lacks teeth. The ELA’s main task should be to complement, monitor and supervise the activities of labour inspectorates and...

European elections 2019: can the SPD recover ?.jpg

European elections 2019: can the SPD recover ?

By Jana Faus / 28 October, 2018

After the SPD’s historically low result in the November 2017 federal elections, the German Social Democrats entrusted the analysis of the defeat to a commission of 5 experts, who presented their more than 100 pages strong report Aus Fehlern lernen (‘learning from errors’) to the public in June 2018. Amongst...

Social Democrats still Sweden’s largest party.jpg

Social Democrats still Sweden’s largest party

By Håkan A Bengtsson / 27 October, 2018

After the Swedish election on September 9 the question of who will rule Sweden is highly uncertain. The Social Democrats’ share of the vote fell from 31 percent in 2014 to 28.3 percent in 2018 but this figure was higher than that forecast in the public opinion polls carried out...

shared Strategy.jpg

A Shared Strategy

By Claudia Mancina / 27 October, 2018

In its inability to find a shared strategy to confront the problem of immigration, Europe is experiencing an extremely worrisome crisis. The reaction of fear and insecurity brings the continent’s inhabitants is putting our national and European institutions at risk and bringing to the political stage xenophobic, sovereigntist, and populist...

George Soros and Viktor Orbán: The battle between progressivism and populism.jpg

George Soros and Viktor Orbán: The battle between progressivism and populism

By Tamas Boros / 27 October, 2018

Before the populist breakthrough of the 2010s, conventional wisdom was that once populists actually came into power, they would quickly fail because they themselves would become the elite that they had previously fought against when they were in opposition. “When you are part of the elite, you cannot fight the...

Pedro Sanchez.jpg

Pedro Sánchez is facing his best opportunity

By Ignacio Martín Granados / 12 June, 2018

Only three weeks ago, the polls placed the PSOE as the fourth political force, behind Ciudadanos, Podemos and the People’s party (PP), and Pedro Sánchez’s leadership faded. However, on 24 May an event occurred that would precipitate the developments that have turned the whole Spanish political landscape on its head...

Mr President and the Seven Dwarfs

By Mikko Majander / 30 January, 2018

Finnish elections : Sauli Niinistö secures a second term with a landslide victory   The election night was over before it actually started. When the polling stations closed on Sunday 28 January at 8pm, the figures of advance voting filled the Finnish TV screens showing that the current president Sauli...

How should the EU deal with Gaza?

By Jacek Zakowski / 18 January, 2018

It is no overstatement to describe the current situation in the Gaza Strip as a serious humanitarian disaster. A recent report by the UN stated that Gaza will become unliveable by 2020. Rather than providing temporary remedies, the world should address the root cause of the humanitarian crisis in Gaza....

Lessons to learn from what has worked and what has failed

By Gerald Knaus / 15 December, 2017

The EU needs a humane policy on asylum and borders that can obtain majority support in elections and produce an immediate impact in the Mediterranean. To get there it needs to learn from what has worked and what has failed, and apply it in Greece and Italy.   The state...

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