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Re-thinking the EU’s approach to Israeli-Palestinian cross-conflict dialogue

By Rosemary Hollis / 11 December, 2017

The EU’s official stance on this issue is becoming increasingly untenable for practical, legal and ideological reasons.

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France’s continued pursuit of civil nuclear power is proving dangerous for Europe

By Benjamin Dessus / 11 December, 2017

There is a security crisis, which is largely a result of the above and is accompanied by a serious crisis of confidence between the National Security Authority and the operator.

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This type of asymmetric warfare can only be settled by international pressure

By Elie Barnavi / 7 December, 2017

An interview by Alain Bloëdt with Elie Barnavi about the Remove term: Israeli-Palestinian conflict Israeli-Palestinian conflict and Europe.

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Europe’s Israel-Palestinian Policy in the Trump era

By Lara Friedman / 6 December, 2017

Fifty years after the start of the Occupation and twenty-four years after Oslo, the historical record suggests that this American leadership has been a failure.

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Three ideas of what Europe could do

By Daniel Kurtzer / 6 December, 2017

Europe has been involved in the Israeli-Palestinian peace process for over four decades.

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Portugal’s left wing coalition government is delivering stability and growth

By Ana Catarina Mendes / 23 November, 2017

Stability and growth : a clear victory of Portugal’s political alternative over the dominant negative outlook in the European Union

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Portugal’s left wing coalition shows the way forward for Progressives

By Maria Freitas / 23 November, 2017

Breaking away from austerity is feasible and progressive policies are conducive to economic growth.

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A year after: Trump and transatlantic relations in a time of risk

By Ian O. Lesser / 21 November, 2017

US global engagement hold risks of their own for transatlantic relations.

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Europe needs a coordinated mix of fiscal and wage policies

By Ozlem Onaran / 10 November, 2017

Austerity policies coupled with rising inequality in Europe have resulted in a long period of economic stagnation.

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The challenge of Europe: growth and social cohesion

By Pedro Sanchez / 9 November, 2017

We must act with the utmost urgency because the intensity of the crisis has generated an alarming extension of poverty.

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