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Ignoring no more: Germany must face the challenge.jpg

Ignoring no more: Germany must face the challenge

By Sönke Schmidt / 28 October, 2018

In the federal election of 2017, German citizens refused in numbers to follow the governmental narrative of the need to open up EU and German borders to refugees. While an open migration policy was officially maintained, radical populism with xenophobic undertones becomes a constant pattern of domestic politics and electoral...

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Social Democrats still Sweden’s largest party

By Håkan A Bengtsson / 27 October, 2018

After the Swedish election on September 9 the question of who will rule Sweden is highly uncertain. The Social Democrats’ share of the vote fell from 31 percent in 2014 to 28.3 percent in 2018 but this figure was higher than that forecast in the public opinion polls carried out...

How can progressives reclaim action in times of growing right-wing populism? Study case in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Germany.jpg

How can progressives reclaim action in times of growing right-wing populism? Study case in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Germany

By Christian Krell / 27 October, 2018

Right-wing populist parties are on the rise almost everywhere in Europe, including in the Scandinavian countries, where Social Democracy has had the most decisive influence on the development of a solidary society and an inclusive and emancipatory welfare model. Several initiatives have been attempted by progressive parties in Denmark, Norway,...

George Soros and Viktor Orbán: The battle between progressivism and populism.jpg

George Soros and Viktor Orbán: The battle between progressivism and populism

By Tamas Boros / 27 October, 2018

Before the populist breakthrough of the 2010s, conventional wisdom was that once populists actually came into power, they would quickly fail because they themselves would become the elite that they had previously fought against when they were in opposition. “When you are part of the elite, you cannot fight the...

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Conservative Turkey votes for one-man rule

By Max Hoffman / 27 June, 2018

Before writing anything about the June 24, 2018 Turkish election, it is important to note one crucial point: the vote was deeply, fundamentally unfair. President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and his governing Justice and Development Party (AKP) held the election under a state of emergency, allowing centrally-appointed governors to control opposition...

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A credibility deficit for the Conte Government

By Gianni Pittella / 13 June, 2018

The Conte Government arises like Lazarus, but it is getting started with the burden of a disquieting deterioration of the position of Italy in the European Union. In recent years, Italy succeeded in reaching the front row in the battle to democratize EU structures and procedures and to substantially correct...

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Italy: a “government of change” to step aside from its international role?

By Nicoletta Pirozzi / 13 June, 2018

Italy’s foreign policy has been traditionally characterized by a high degree of continuity based on three main pillars: the European choice, the transatlantic partnership and the focus on the areas of the Mediterranean and the Middle East. This continuity has resisted the high volatility of the Italian politics and the...


Bergkamen: A model for cities run by Social Democrats?

By Roland Schafer / 11 June, 2018

Roland Schäfer was elected Mayor most recently in 2014 in Bergkamen. He won the election in the first round against three candidates, with nearly 70% of the vote.After the City Council elections, nearly 60% of members are social democrats. As will come clear from the interview below, many of the...

Hungary demonstration

Hegemonic right and defeated left: lessons from Hungary’s drift to authoritarianism

By Dorothee Bohle / 8 June, 2018

Viktor Orbán’s landslide third consecutive victory in parliamentary elections bears witness to the true hegemony of his nationalistic, xenophobic and illiberal project. To defeat him, his critics must engage in a long-term forward-looking struggle over hegemony in civil society, the economy and the state.   On April 8, 2018 Viktor...

Hungary budapest

What makes Orbán win

By András Bíró-Nagy / 8 June, 2018

Viktor Orbán, Hungary’s prime minister won a third consecutive term on 8 April and his Fidesz party regained its super-majority in parliament. The success of his anti-migration platform, the lack of a level playing field in the campaign, and the fragmentation of the opposition all contributed to another landslide victory for Fidesz....

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