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Possible scenarios for Italy and Europe

By Nerio Cavallo / 13 March, 2018

More than an earthquake, the Italian parliamentary election on March 4 triggered a slow motion landslide. The Five Star Movement and the League won the day, with an impressive demonstration of strength, respectively in the South and in the North of the country. It remains to be seen, however, what...

Tripolar : Chronicle of a death foretold.jpg

Chronicle of a death foretold

By Mauro Calise / 13 March, 2018

The Italian political deadlock comes as no surprise. With a tripolar party system and a non-majoritarian electoral law, the ballot has reproduced a highly fragmented – and divisive – situation. With the leadership factor as both an obstacle and an ultimate solution.   The results of the Italian national elections...

Why Italian Election Matter: a Populist Shock

By Paolo Guerrieri / 9 March, 2018

The large victory of the populist 5 Star Movement and rightwing nationalist Lega in the March 4 Italian elections is a watershed event in Italian politics, highlighting the extent of the social discontent presents today in this country. It paves the way for a government that is so difficult to...

Two winners and many losers – Postcards from the Italian elections

By Marco Almagisti / 9 March, 2018

We will probably remember the Italian 2018 general election for the presence of “two winners”. In fact, the centre-right coalition got the most votes (37%) by combining the results for Lega (17.4%), Forza Italia (14%), Fratelli d’Italia (4.3) and Noi con Italia (1.3), but the top single party is the...

After the tertiary sector, the middle class confronted with the digital sector labour.jog

After the tertiary sector, the middle class confronted with the digital sector

By Daniel Cohen / 9 November, 2017

An interview with Daniel Cohen by Alain Bloëdt, Editor-in-Chief of The Progressive Post   Progressive Post : Does digital technology pose a threat to our society or should it be encouraged? Daniel Cohen : Both. Everyone is familiar with the concept of a connected world; we have modern phones and...

SPD German Elections Why did the Progressives fare badly and why did the AfD do so well.jog

German Elections: Why did the Progressives fare badly and why did the AfD do so well?

By Christian Odendahl / 7 November, 2017

The major shock in the German elections was that the right wing populist party Alternative für Deutschland won nearly 13% of the vote whilst the centre right CDU/CSU and the centre left SPD lost considerable ground compared to the 2013 elections. In an interview with the Progressive Post, Christian Odendahl...

Political party : Dealing with Overly Talkative Aeroplane Seatmates.jpg

Dealing with Overly Talkative Aeroplane Seatmates

By FEPS / 13 July, 2017

On June 7, the presidency of the strongest political party in Serbia that won absolute majority in 2016 parliamentary elections unanimously decided to support Mr. Aleksandar Vučić, former prime minister and newly elected president to propose his successor himself. This was more or less expected. Public, opposition parties and number...

Equality : Progressivism is the best way to be a feminist. Feminism is the best way to be a Progressive!.jpg

Progressivism is the best way to be a feminist. Feminism is the best way to be a Progressive!

By Isabelle Lenarduzzi / 5 July, 2017

Real equality between women and men is the base of European values and of progressivism. The historical domination of men on women is the central determinant of every other dominations.   Protecting women’s rights is the way to begin to protect essential liberties for everybody. The European Union has played...

Youth : Restoring Confidence in Politics.jpg

Restoring Confidence in Politics

By Anne Muxel / 5 October, 2016

The attraction of populist parties in segments of the European youth isn’t new. But in recent years it has gained momentum in many countries and has led to the consolidation of a strong electoral base. Parties that merge anti-immigration policies with a nationalist focus and an anti-establishment stance have been...

Youth and Right Wing Populism in Europe – a Perspective from Lower Saxony

By Birgit Honé / 5 October, 2016

“Let’s imagine we wake up one morning and realise that suddenly all people have the same skin colour and share the same religion. Without doubt, we would come up with a new prejudice by noon” wrote the German philosopher Georg Christoph Lichtenberg, in the 18th century.   The rise and...

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