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The Iberian energy exception

Last March, Spain and Portugal reached a historic agreement: for the first time ever, two European countries could set a price cap on gas for power generation, for a period of twelve months. A period to seek agreements was opened in both countries, which ended on 9 June, when the European Commission gave the final approval to the mechanism. This undoubtedly proves that the current European Union is very different to the European Union we were living in during the financial crisis of the last decade.

Socialist Party wins absolute majority in Portugal: how was this possible?

An absolute majority in the country and in the parliament to govern for the next four years: the Socialist Party of Portugal (PS) has just scored this remarkable victory in the general elections hold on 30 January. This came as a surprising, but well-deserved achievement. Let us explain why. It was a surprising achievement because […]

The link between responsibility and solidarity: the meaning of the landslide victory in Portugal

On 30 January, the Portuguese Socialist party (PS) won the snap elections, electing a majority of 117 Members of Parliament out of 230.* The party won in all districts of continental Portugal, making this one of the best electoral performances the Portuguese PS has ever achieved since the country’s transition to democracy. In 2015, the […]

Portugal: an absolute majority for stability and a progressive agenda

In last week’s legislative elections in Portugal, the people gave an absolute majority to the Socialist Party, the second only in its history. The early elections were caused by the reproval of the budget by the more left-wing parties. The message was clear: when we are heading to a post-pandemic scenario and beginning the implementation […]

A socialist majority in Portugal: stability and trust for a progressive leadership

Voting is an essential feature of democracy. People’s concerns, expectations and will are expressed and voiced through their votes. The Portuguese people went to the polls on 30 January 2022 and spoke loud and clear: they put their trust and hope in the hands of António Costa and of the Portuguese progressives. The unexpected results […]

A victory for stability

In an overwhelming victory the Portuguese PS achieved an absolute majority in the national parliament and secured stability for the country for the next four years of recovery. A victory of the common people, whose fear of democratic backsliding calls us to permanent vigilance and progress. Nessun Dorma! Let no one sleep! Puccini’s composition was […]

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